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From the Frontline Series

From the Frontline Series

“Reporting on Wars” – Terry McCarthy

Thursday 1st October 2015

For about 30 years, Terry McCarthy, has travelled the world for television and print media covering politics, business, military, social and environmental issues across the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Post 9/11, McCarthy covered the war in Afghanistan, where he opened TIME’s Kabul office, and later went to Kuwait to follow the troops into Iraq in 2003. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, McCarthy set up TIME’s bureau in Baghdad. His first forays into television came in Iraq, where he was part of the ABC News/TIME team that reported the special series “Iraq, Where Things Stand”, which won two Emmy Awards in 2003 and 2004. He covered the execution of Saddam Hussein, the battle for Baghdad and the U.S. troop surge under General Petraeus. He travelled throughout Iraq covering the war from the U.S. military and the Iraqi civilian perspectives, for which he won an Emmy Award in 2007. He  was appointed President and CEO of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council in July 2012

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 ” I Went to War and it Followed me Home” – John D. McHugh

26th November 2014

John D McHugh is a multimedia photojournalist and filmmaker based in London, UK.

Originally a daily press photographer, McHugh worked as a regular stringer for The Associated Press and The Guardian before taking a staff photographer position with Agence-France Presse. Since 2007 he has been freelance again and is represented by Reportage by Getty Images.
Since 2006 he has worked extensively in Afghanistan, covering the war against the Taliban. He has embedded with US, Canadian, British, Danish and Afghan troops. In May 2007 he was on a joint US/Afghan Army patrol in Nuristan that was ambushed. McHugh was shot in the chest. 6 months later he returned to Afghanistan.  In 2008 McHugh was commissioned to produce a multimedia project for The Guardian. He spent several months under fire on the Pakistan border in Afghanistan with US and Afghan soldiers, producing photographs, audio slideshows, and films. As the Arab Spring swept the Middle East in early 2011, Al Jazeera English sent McHugh to Bahrain, to make his first half hour documentry. Since then he has made 5 more films for them, one in Sudan and 4 in Afghanistan.

 A Panel Discussion on Conflict Journalism with Rania Abouzeid and Martin Chulov

26th November 2013

Rania Abouzeid

An award-winning journalist with more than fifteen years of experience in the Middle East, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants she traveled to Beirut during its civil war for family vacations. She has been published in TIME, the New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, National Geographic, Foreign Policy, Politico, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, The Australian, CSM, and a host of other outlets, and have appeared on France 24 Television, BBC, CBC, CBS, PBS, Al-Jazeera, Channel 4 and others.

Martin Chulov

Martin Chulov, wcovers the Middle East for the Guardian.  He won the Orwell prize for journalism in 2015. He has reported from the region since 2005.

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