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Tadhg O’Keefe

I specialise in European and Irish architectural history, especially of the period between the 11th and 17th centuries, but I maintain a range of other interests, many of them across conventional disciplinary boundaries. I’m happy to discuss research ideas with prospective postgraduates.

Outside my discipline my main interest is music, and I always enjoy chatting about this to students who share this interest. I’ve been collecting for years, and I reckon I have listened to more than 6,000 albums. My great passion is jazz, starting chronologically with Monk, Powell, Blakey and those guys, and I’m glad to be able to say that I got to see Miles Davis in concert. I have a special affection for early blues, 1970s funk, European free improvisation, and of course Dylan and Hendrix. The jazz album that has given me the most sustained pleasure is probably John Scofield’s Hand Jive (1994). My favourite album regardless of genre, if I had to pick one, is probably Tim Buckley’s Greetings from LA (1972). I have long harboured the ambition to ghost-write Bob Weir’s autobiography.