Progressivism in America: Past Present and Future


Funded in association with the Roosevelt Institute, New York

Discussing the challenges facing the progressive movement in the United States and exploring potential solutions to policy challenges such as health care, climate change, rising inequality and terrorism, as well as the consequences of the emergence of the Tea Party.

Full details on conference and videos for speakers available here (LINK TO EITHER CONFERENCE OR VIDEO PAGE)

Published book   – Progressivism in America: Past, Present and Future.  Eds. David B. Woolner and John M. Thompson

Other publications on Contemporary America published by Institute:

The Wire: Race, Class and Genre,  Eds. Liam Kennedy and Stephen Shapiro

Affirmative Reaction: New Formations of White Masculinity, Dr. Hamilton Carroll

Race and Urban Space in Contemporary American Culture, Liam Kennedy

Urban Space and Representation, Maria Balshaw and Liam Kennedy

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