Trump’s America  5-6 May 2017

Trump’s America 5-6 May 2017

This conference will examine the political and cultural significance of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, and consider the first 100 days of his administration.

Videos from the conference available here


Provisional Programme

Friday 5th May 2017

9.00     Registration

9.30     Plenary 1

Liam Kennedy (University College Dublin), “Something Happened: Making Sense of Trump’s America”

Diane Negra (University College Dublin), “Ivanka Trump and the New Plutocratic (Post)feminism”

Robert Brigham (Vassar College), “Trump’s Foreign Policy: The First 100 Days”

11.00   Tea/Coffee

11.30   Panel 1: How Did This Happen?

Patrick McGreevy (American University Beirut), “The Empire is Dead: Long Live the Empire!”

Laura Burnham (Edge Hill University), “Creating a Monster: How Republicans Crafted the Platform, Base, and Discourse for Donald Trump’s Ascendancy”

Timothy Patrick McCarthy (Harvard University), “When, Again, Was America Great?: Prejudice, Progress, and the Paranoid Style of Trump’s Nostalgia”

Panel 2: Foreign Policy 1

David Ryan (University College Cork), “Tru-uhmp and the Tough Guys”

Tanguy Struye de Swielande (Catholic University of Louvain), “The Foreign Policy of Donald Trump: Between Jacksoniansm and Hamiltonianism”

Maria Ryan (University of Nottingham), “Why Donald Trump Will Embrace American Primacy, Eventually”

Panel 3: White Nationalism 1

Clara Juncker (University of Southern Denmark), “Travels in Trumpland: J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy (2016)”

Caroline Tatem (New York University), “An Old Familiar Change: Protest and Political Correctness in the Philadelphia Mummers”

1.00     Lunch

2.00     Panel 4: Unpresidented? Historical Perspectives on Donald Trump 1

Daniel Geary (Trinity College Dublin), “Re-Reading Ronald Reagan in the Age of Trump”

Gary O’Brien  (Mary Immaculate College), “Extrapolating the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Strategy from the Course of US-Soviet Relations Under Reagan”

Sarah J. Thelen (University College Cork), “Dog Whistles and Fog Horns: The Political Rhetoric of Richard M. Nixon and Donald J. Trump”

Panel 5: Post-Truth 1

Nina Morgan (Kennesaw State University), “America’s Post-Truth in the Age of Technological Reproduction”

Alireza Hajihosseini (University College Dublin), “Narrative Wars: Trump and the Media’s First 100 Days”

Anna DiGiusto (Independent Scholar), “Trump the Frog: Alt-Right and 4chan”

Panel 6: Immigration and the Carceral State

Wisam Chaleila (The Arab Academic College of Education, Israel.) “Mirroring the Past: Racism and Xenophobia in Early Twentieth Century American Fiction and Early Twenty First Century America”

Kevern Verney (Edge Hill University), “’Bad Hombres’: The Trump Administration, Mexican Immigration, and the Border Wall”

Daniel Kato (University of London), “The Three States of the Carceral State”

3.30     Tea/Coffee

4.00     Panel 7: Trump’s Women

Sarah Arnold (Maynooth University), “’Internalised Misogynists: The Language of Oppression and Female Trump Supporters”

Jorie Lagerwey (University College Dublin), “Tomi Lahren’s Anti-Feminist Rage in a Time of White Fragility”

Maria Pramaggiore (Maynooth University), “From ‘Daddy’s Lap Warmer’ to Postfeminist POTUS? President Ivanka, the Incest Narrative, and the Trump Family Brand”

Panel 8: Transatlantic 

Stephen Mennell (University College Dublin), “Trump’s America, Through Two One-Way Mirrors”

Sotiris Rizas (Academy of Athens), “The Trump Administration, the Euro Zone and Transatlantic Relations

Clive Webb (University of Sussex), “’We Can Always Be Closer’: Trump, May and the Special Relationship”

Paula Gilligan (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology), “’The Only Moral Certainty in the World’: Rereading Liam O’Flaherty’s A Tourist’s Guide to Ireland (1930) in the Age of President Trump”

Panel 9: Militarism and Populism

Laurence Davis (University College Cork), “Progressive Populism in the Age of Trump”

David Fitzgerald (University College Cork), “’You Like Me, and I Like You’: Trump, Militarism and the Decline of American Strategy”

Ewelina Wasko-Owsiejczuk(University of Bialystok), “Is America Safer Now?: The First Changes in US Foreign and Security Policy Made by President Donald Trump”

5.30     Plenary 2

Edward Luce (Financial Times), “The Retreat of Western Liberalism”

Brett Bruen (Global Situation Room, Inc), “America Adrift”

Donald Pease (Dartmouth College), “Trumped-Up Charges: The First 100 Days”

6.30     Reception

Saturday 6th May

9.30     Panel 10: Unpresidented? Historical Perspectives on Donald Trump 2

James Hussey (Trinity College Dublin), “Trump’s Jackson: Alternate History and the Presentation of a President”

David Woolner (The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute), “‘The Only Thing we have to Fear, is Fear Itself:’ FDR and Donald Trump—a Tale of Two Populists”

Ilias Ben-Mna (Humboldt University), “Ronald and Donald – Again and Again”

Panel 11: Rights and Liberties

Saul Cornell (Fordham University), “American Carnage: Second Amendment Discourse in the Age of Trump”

Micki McGee (Fordham University), “Cripped: How Trump’s Abuse of the Disabled Holds the Key to His Undoing”

Pawel Laidler (Jagiellonian University Krakow), “ Donald Trump and the Supreme Court: Reagan’s Conservative Revolution Coming True?”

Panel 12: Post-Truth 2

David Gethings (Kennesaw State University), “Information Overload and Civic Apathy”

Boris Vejdovsky (University of Lausanne), “Capitalism and Talking Dirty: Trump and the Language of Community”

James Proszek (Northwestern University), “Picturing Donald Trump: Humor as Civic Discourse in the Digital Age”

11.00   Tea/Coffee

11.30   Panel 13: Foreign Policy 2

Eugenio Lilli (University College Dublin), “The Trump Presidency and the End of Wilsonianism: Implications for US Foreign Policy in the Middle East”

Adnan Hayajneh (Qatar University), “Trump and the Middle East: A Search for Grand Strategy”

Geraldine Kidd (University College Cork), “Trump’s One-State Policy in Israel: A Dramatic Shift or a Subtle Continuity?”

Bohdan Szklarski (University of Warsaw), “How American Allies Manage New Uncertainty in American Foreign Policy Commitments”

Panel 14: Religion

Christopher Raymond (Queens University Belfast), “Making a Deal With the Devil in Order to Do God’s Bidding: Evangelicals, the 2016 Election, and Beyond”

Dianne Kirby (University of Ulster), “Donald Trump’s Spiritual Strategy: The Religious Dimension of his Electoral Success”

Anthony Castet (Francois Rabelais University, Tours), “Religious Morality and LGBT Equality during Trump’s First 100 Days in Office”

Panel 15: Wealth and Corporate Power

Terry Hathaway (University of York), “President Trump, Insurgent Neoliberalism and Corporate Power”

Betsy Leimbigler (Free University, Berlin), “Donald Trump and the Reproduction of Inequality”

Jan Misiuna (Warsaw School of Economics), “’I Mean, Look, I’m Gonna Be In For Over 100 Million’: Donald the Businessman and Money in the Election campaign”

1.00  Lunch

2.00     Plenary 3

Mary Fitzgerald (journalist), “Into The Unknown? Trump in the Middle East and North Africa”

Inderjeet Parmar (City University London), “The Legitimacy Crisis of the US Elite and the Rise of Trump”

Brian Edwards (Northwestern University), “Trump, Twitter, Circulation: American Politics as Global Entertainment”

3.30 Tea/Coffee

4.00  Panel 16: White Nationalism 2

Daniel HoSang and Joseph Lowndes (University of Oregon), “White Nationalist Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump”

Ben Staunton (University of Montpellier), “Carnage and Carnival: The Violent Reciprocity of the Image”

Panel 17: Grievance/Emotions/Rhetoric

Frida Stranne (University of Halmstad), “It’s the Emotions, Stupid!”

Stefan Brandt (University of Graz), “’Fancied Emergency’: Donald Trump’s Rhetoric of Emotional Exceptionalism”

Panel 18: What Now?

Speakers tbc

5.30     Plenary 4

Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham & EA Worldview), “tbc”

Clodagh Harrington (De Montfort University), “’Grab ’em by the Legacy: Rolling Back Progress with President Trump’

Stephen Shapiro (University of Warwick), “Caesarism Revisited: Middle-class Realignments and Basement Dwellers in Trump’s Brumaire.

Registration Fee:   €120 and students €65, payable on the day (cash only).  Registration fee covers attendance and tea/coffee only.  Contact

Registration Fees

€120 or €65 for students  – to register please email  Payment will be taken on the day at the reception desk (cash only please).

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