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June 2015

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    President Clinton addresses the Institute Sept 2010


UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies

The UCD Clinton Institute was established in 2003 to provide a focus for research and postgraduate teaching in the field of American Studies. It offers Masters and PhD degrees in Media and International Conflict, American Studies and American Politics and Foreign Policy.  In addition it has a programme of activities devoted to advancing academic research and public discussion about the United States. Drawing on many disciplines the Institute offers a dynamic and wide-ranging coverage of American politics, culture and society.

Through our research, teaching and programme of conferences, seminars, international exchanges and scholarships the Institute promotes American Studies nationally and internationally. It works to bring together existing work on American themes at Irish universities, build international research networks, and also develop links with cultural, diplomatic and business organisations with interest in the US.

The Institute is ideally located to focus particular attention on transatlantic issues, including US relations with Irish and Western Europe. It provides researchers, teachers and policy-makers with a forum for understanding changing relations between the US and European nations in their historical complexity and in relations to contemporary ideological, political and intellectual debate. 


Trump's America Conference (5-6 May 2017)

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Now Accepting Applications for:

MA in Media and International Conflict

MA in American Studies

MA in American Politics and Foreign Policy



America and Ireland: Re-imagining Priorities and Our Community 


16th November 2016

  Bob Carey (RNC), Congressman Jim Walsh







Trump and Clinton's second debate: American Politics is in the gutter  - Prof. Liam Kennedy in The Conversation 





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Speakers in the videos above include: Prof. Robert Dalleck, Prof. Scott Lucas, Prof David Ryan, Prof. Robert Brigham & Prof. Scott Lucas.


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