Trump’s America

5-6 May 2017

A conference on this topic will examine the political and cultural significance of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, and consider the first 100 days of his administration. Information on the call for papers is available here (LINK NEW PAGE)

In addition a number of articles have been published on President Trump’s rise on the American political scene  and can be Whether or Not Trump Wins, the Republic Party May Never Recover (27/1/16) – The Conversation

America feels like it’s in decline again – and Trump is just a symptom (19/5/16) – The Conversation

Trump & Clinton’s second debate: American politics is in the gutter (10/10/16) – The Conversation

After poisoning and dividing America, Donald Trump has won an ugly victory (9/11/16) – The Conversation

The Trump era has begun – how can we make sense of It? (20/1/17) – The Conversation

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